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नमस्ते शारदे देवी वीणा पुस्तक धारिणिम्

विद्यारंभं करिष्यामि प्रसन्न भवतु सदा ॥१॥

सरस्वती नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणी

विद्यारंभं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मे सदा ॥२॥

गुरुर्ब्रम्हा गुरुर्विष्णू गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः

गुरु साक्षात्परब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ॥३॥​

K.S.D. Shanbhag Vidyalaya

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  • Congratulations to ALL 129 students on securing 100 % SSC Board Result. Highest scorer Anurag Makarand Kawade 99.40%. 32 students above 90% , 103 students in Distinction and 26 students in First Class. 58 students benefitted from Sports marks.
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    As your ward is an existing student of our school, you need not fill online admission form on our website. It is only for new admissions. You will soon be informed when and how to pay the school fees.
  • Admissions are open for the coming academic year 2020-21 for PG, Nursery, KG & Std I.
  • The school invites the nominations for the post of Parent Representatives from Std I to X for the coming academic year 2020-21. Apply in the school office along with your qualification.





Founder President – Shamsundari Charitable & Religious Society

Chairman’s Desk

      Being a proud alumnus of Satara Sainik School, I was keen to provide a similar environment of knowledge, mental stimulus and physical fitness to All the children of my city. My father, Kai. Shamrao Shanbhag, himself never got the opportunity to study beyond class 3 as he has to work and support himself at a very young age, but he ensured the best of everything to all his 9 children. He was a philanthropist. He helped in establishing and running many schools in and around Satara and in his native place in Karnataka also.

      My brothers – Sudhakar and Satish, and I donated over 8 acres of agricultural land to see KSD Shanbhag Vidyalaya erected. Since its inception in 1990, sports like Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Hockey, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Athletics were practiced daily for an hour and a half by the students studying here. In the recent years, the State Govt. has introduced 25 extra marks for National players of Std X. I am very happy about the encouragement for sports by the government. You get to know a lot about a child when he/she is on the playground. Sports build character. We have 30 Smart Digital classrooms and over 60 computers in the IT Lab for the use of our students. We still have a lot to achieve, for I firmly believe, one should never rest on past laurels.


Founder President – Shamsundari Charitable & Religious Society


Shamsundari is an amalgamation of the names Shamanna Shanbhag and Sundaribai Shanbhag, parents of the Founder President Mr. Ramesh S. Shanbhag.  Shamsundari Charitable & Religious Society has earned the respect and trust of the people of our city since 1990.

This Trust has been consistently conducting various cultural and religious functions in Satara for over 3 decades.

Shamsundari Charitable & Religious Society organizes State level competitions for students in various Sports and Dance. Shamsundari Charitable & Religious Society established KSD Shanbhag Vidyalaya in June 1990 to impart excellent training in academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities – all under one big roof. Since then, KSD Shanbhag Vidyalaya has been growing like a plant that grows towards the warmth and light of the sun. Know More >


• The importance of physical fitness along with mental stimulus is experienced at a young age. Exercising becomes a way of life.
• You don’t become a book worm.
• You are given a chance to speak up and speak well.
• Personality building through Debates, Extempore, Elocution, Lectures, Team building events.
• Platform to Express, Perform and Stand-out.
• All activities centered on Sportsmanship, team spirit leadership, language building, oratory skills, art, relaxation.
• By the time you pass out from KSDS, you are a cut above the rest, thanks to the myriad exposure and experiences you gather.

Shanbhag Vidyalaya




Address : Daulatnagar, Satara, Maharashtra 415001 (India)

Phone : 02162-238933 / 232095

Email : [email protected]

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